The Swing (1996)
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 1. Going Back
 2. Baby
 3. Calico Women
 4. Relativity (Come September)
 5. Magnificent Loser
 6. Thought You'd Like To Know
 7. Rain Dance
 8. A Patient Man
 9. Pendulum
10. Catch
11. This Night Is Alive
12. Nightmare Town
13. Lying Through The Night
14. Mountain / Moon
15. Repetition

"The Swing" ... is hard not to like ... Unvarnished but compelling vocals ... Lithe guitarwork that serves the songs without showing off ... Voorhees (is) a self-deprecating wordsmith who knows a thing or two about melody ... a modern folk-popster who seems in love with the world and doesn't need to make himself the center of it. Refreshing.
-- Pamela Polston
"Sound Advice"
Seven Days magazine
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